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Since a very young age Daniel was interested in music, and growing up on the streets of Blackpool he experienced lots of different styles of music such as Italian house, hard core, hard house/trance/dance etc.

At the age of 15 intimately hooked on the dance music vibe, Daniel bought some turntables and locked himself in his room for the summer. He emerged as DJ Devito; and with, a serious talent. Less than 6 months later he was warming up for Jonny Fresh at Blackpools premier nightspot, club Heaven and Hell. With 18 months experience on club decks he landed his first residency at the world famous Palace nightclub, capacity 4500.

Eager for bigger crowds raising their hands at his feet; and more status for his skill. He then played at some massive nights such as, Sundissential, Slinky, Miss Moneypennys to name but a few and played with the likes of Paul Kershaw, Charlotte Birch, Public Domain, Mark Viedo and John Kelly.

At 17 his life was all about music, so nothing else would fit than a day job in a record shop. It was called Splash Records and owned by the Jonny Fresh. After two years of co-managing the shop and gaining vast insider knowledge of dance music, the industry and producing music; Devito and Jon Ee (his friend, co worker and fellow DJ) seized the golden opportunity and made splash their own when Jonny decided to sell. Making them the Worlds youngest ever record shop owners!! As featured in Mixmag Dec 01 issue.

The fame from Mixmag enabled the two entrepreneurial DJs to put on their own night called Therapy held at club Insomnia. The night was a huge responsibility for Devito, finding and booking new talent and Promoting the night, making sure it was a massive success. Sure enough it was reaching targets of 500-600 clubbers and Blackpool’s underground market certainly got some well needed therapy.

Reaching 2002 DJ Devito with the backing of splash records, moved onto other types of promotions throughout Blackpool. Getting heavily involved in setting up and running the rota’s for a pirate radio station named Planet 107fm. Devito had his own show and every Monday to Saturday night from 10-12pm he had it large, bringing the best of trance and hard trance through listeners speakers over a forty mile radius. He also ran his own DJ competition for up and coming DJ’s. With a prize of a Sunday night set at Bar Me. Also running his second successful night called Kinetic at club one eleven in Blackpool and took Kinetic on tour to the Heapodrome at Workington. He rode out the year successfully and his next big break was just around the corner.

DJ Fubar (Syndicate resident) asked Devito to play at the UK’s largest Night club the Syndicate, and when he saw he was ready, he invited Devito to be a resident and play the whole 8 month season, in Magaluf’s new super club Fusion. It was here he mixed for Goodgreef, Hed Kandi and Retro, and Devito met and played with some big faces. I.e. Judge Jules, Boy George, Jeremy Heally, Danny Rampling, Col Hamilton(Lush exclusive), Eddie Halliwell, Anne Savage, Rob Tissera, Lisa Loud, Alex Kidd, Shan, Guffy, Adam Sheridan, Benny Benassi, Paul and Ben Taylor and all of the Hed kandi residents.  AS IF that wasn’t enough he went on a mad one over to Ibiza on a boat for judgement Sunday at the request of Ben and Barry of Goodgreef. On his arrival he was demanded onto the decks at Bar M for a quick mix!. Then came back to Magaluf for the workers boat parties, and played at The Venue towards the end of the season, headlining their closing party.

Back home rather down from the cold weather and a longing for the 24/7 whirlwind party atmosphere of Magaluf, Devito needed something to do. So, at the beginning of 2004 he found himself in discussions with Ben and Barry at Goodgreef to launch a Goodgreef Club Tour, and invented a third night called Future Sounds to present the tour. The two collaborated at the Boom boom room, and had a couple of fantastic nights, to one of which Mixmag came and did an interview with Devito and took some piccy’s for a ½ page article in their May 2004 issue. Devito then took Future Sounds to another level at Club DNA, featuring DJ’s like Mark EG, Uberdruck and Noizer, M ZONE, Hixxy, and Vortex with Alex Kidd as a resident. Also getting himself rather renowned for being a bit of a scratch master.

Furture Sounds is still going strong, currently running monthly. In June 04 Devito also played at North in Manchester for the Norths Biggest New Talent Night, with Guffy, GRH, Burg, Tyler Leigh and Zander all from Goodgreef.
In May 2005 Devito released his first track - Born Bangin’, remixing in a harder kind of fashion, the massive dance anthem – underworld, Born Slippy (check it out at

In September this year Devito is booked to play at House Wives Choice and throughout the second half of 2005 will launch his own record label – WELD Records.


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